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Megan Mansbridge - Artist

A graduate of the Alberta College of Art and Design, my creative journey has woven through the mediums of sculpture, installation, mixed-media illustrating, writing and painting. 

On the why of the chickens....

 Over two decades of mothering my three sons, chickens have offered a vehicle to express a wide range of issues from personal to political for me. They anthropomorphize a raw and uncensored expression of who they are; they are the grandmothers who have had enough.  They are both the strong women who have pushed boundaries of what is acceptable and comfortable, and the ones that have served quietly behind the scenes without complaint.  They are the wisdom and the strength that we all come from and that carries us through life, generation after generation.  They have tired of being overlooked.  Not because they yearn for personal recognition, but because they realize that the price that we, as a society, pay for taking their gifts, wisdom and strength for granted, is that we continue to repeat the same mistakes over and over again throughout our repetitive human history.  

Plus, chickens are just fun and make my heart feel light.  And humour is everything. 

And the why of the forest....

Everything on the Earth has a vibration.  We have various vibrations that comprise our bodies, and we are surrounded by a myriad of vibrations in the world around us. When we are vital and healthy, we are literally in ‘harmony’ with Nature. But increasingly, our physiologies are adversely bombarded by the dissonant frequencies created by wifi, cell towers and even just the electrical activity of our homes alone.  All of this contributes to the overload that our body systems experience when they are pulled further and further away from their natural and healthy vibratory states.  


This body of work strives to express the peaceful, grounding presence of the Pacific West Coast Rainforest environment.  My own experiences with ‘forest bathing’ and my lifelong reverence for the forest as a most healing and life-giving place is explored in the colours, shapes and compositions rendered in oil on canvas.  The forest as ‘cathedral’ will be a core theme of these new works that will expand on the abstraction of the forest shapes created by intersecting branches, trunks and foliage into a sort of stained glass effect of fragmentation and colour.  This departure from more literal depiction will invite the viewer to experience the sacredness of the forest space in their own personal ways.


1990 - 1994

The Alberta College of Art and Design



Children's Moonbeam Book Awards - Silver Medal (illustrator) "Who's That Man?" (author Marny Duncan-Cary)

Selected Exhibitions 



Emily Carr House - Victoria, BC


The Gumboot Restaurant, Roberts Creek, BC


The Last Mountain Cultural Centre, SK - Exhibition of mixed-media illustrations 


Marion Nichol Gallery, Calgary - "A Room with a View" - gallery installation



Sunshine Coast Art Crawl - Roberts Creek location


Sunshine Coast Arts Council - Sechelt Art Gallery

Published Works


Illustrator for "Linger" by Marny Duncan-Cary


Illustrator for "Who's That Man?" by Marny Duncan-Cary

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